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I’ve created this blog and the courses out of my own time and because of my enjoyment for the language and helping others learn. I have recently started a Patreon page to keep this site advert free and to help my so I can work on more articles and memrise courses.

Memrise Courses

J-Talk uses the website Memrise to teach people beginner and advanced Japanese vocabulary and grammar. Memrise is a flashcard program that encourages users to create mems (word association) to help remember words, and gamifies your learning by collecting points and hitting daily goals. It’s a lot of fun and great for regular, repetitive study.

New to Japanese?

Almost all blog posts are written with Japanese words in hiragana and katakana. This is because it is MUCH easier to learn Japanese using these. If you don’t know either of them you can learn them pretty easily and quickly through Memrise here:

Learn Hiragana

Learn Katakana

I am happy to follow people and compete on Memrise (me, not J-Talk Online), this is my account.

About Japanese Talk Online

TLDR: Japanese Talk Online is a blog that has my own experience and advice for people learning Japanese. It focuses on inspiring and enabling people to learn on their own and in their own way. And provides various Memrise courses as a way to help people teach themselves Japanese.


November 2014

The reason I started this blog was because I wanted to provide people with my own experiences and tips when it comes to learning Japanese. Over the last year I’ve been doing it I realised that it’s become so much more than that. With the help of Memrise (an amazing flashcard program) I’ve found that I want to provide people with the resources and tools they can’t find online in other places for teaching themselves Japanese and about Japanese culture.

When I first started making the Memrise courses in April 2014 it was mostly to replace Anki (which was awful) and create flashcard decks for the vocabulary I was teaching on the blog. Because just reading a vocabulary list isn’t useful if you’re not going to use it or practice it! But I soon discovered that there was a lot missing from the internet and Memrise such as using vocabulary to teach yourself the kanas. This is how you learn in a class, it’s not just about memorising the characters but actually using them.

I then found that there were no good grammar courses either! There were lots and lots of websites dedicated to explaining grammar and differences and when to use certain grammar points (the best I’ve found if there’s a grammar point you’re unsure of is Maggie Sensei). When I learnt grammar points in language school the teacher would hold up picture cards of people walking, or coming, or swimming, and we would have to chant out the different verbs in the form of the grammar we were learning i.e past tense. But there was nothing like that available online! So I’ve now made 2 courses where you drill grammar by using it to construct sentences for beginners 1 (JLPT N5) and 2 (JLPT N4).

Hopefully with the kana courses, beginners vocabulary and kanji, people can now get to N4 level without needing to pay out of the nose for lessons. Obviously you will need to practice speaking and writing on your own, which the courses don’t provide, but I hope they’re at least a start to learning Japanese.


About Jennifer

About contact Japanese Talk OnlineWelcome to Japanese Talk Online, my name is Jennifer, I run the blog and the Memrise course by myself in my own time. I am British (as you may have guessed from the spelling) but I’ve lived in Japan and now live in the US.

I started learning Japanese in college (high-school) at the age of 16, just before my 17th Birthday and have been studying ever since. It started as a hobby, and there have been times when I haven’t studied at all for months, but evolved into a passion.

I’ve lived and studied in Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo and visited the various sites surrounding them, and even worked in Tokyo for a little bit.

I studied Anthropology with a year in Japan at university in the UK where I began J-Talk as Japanese lessons with the anime society. After I graduated I wanted to continue providing resources and tips to society members and started a facebook group. I then realised that I was repeating myself a lot as new people joined the group, so I created the blog to keep all the information together in one easily accessible place.

I have completed my MA in the Theory and Practice of Translation in 2015, and am now a freelance translator. This is my website J-En Translations


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