Japanese Alphabet (Hiragana / Katakana)

Start Learning Japanese


Japanese – Where to Start


Japanese – Where to Start II


The Minimum Japanese You Need to Know


Learn Hiragana Using Vocabulary Memrise

Learn Katakana Using Vocabulary Memrise


Articles with Romaji




14 Weeks: 1500 Japanese Words, 280 Kanji, 100 Grammar


Review of Nihongo Tango Speed Master


Grouping Topics for Easy Learning – Teaching Yourself Beginners Japanese


Japanese Counters


Anime Japanese – Adjectives Are Everywhere


Anime Japanese – I & You


Family in Japanese 家族


How to Talk About Hobbies in Japanese


Nyaa and Other Japanese Animal Sounds


Anime Talk – Vocabulary Found in Anime


UPDATES to Anime Japanese Vocabulary and Grammar


Beginners Vocabulary & Kanji (JLPT N5) Memrise

Beginners Vocabulary II (JLPT N4) Memrise



I’m Afraid of Kanji


Learning Kanji – From Beginners to Advanced


Learning Japanese Radicals


How to Draw Kanji


Beginners Kanji II (JLPT N4) Memrise



How to Make Simple Japanese Sentences


Verb Groups – Beginners Japanese Grammar


An Introduction to Japanese Verbs – “masu” Form


The Basics of Grammar


The Best Way to Learn Japanese Particles


Learning Japanese Particles


Anime Japanese – This, There, Where?


Giving and Receiving in Japanese


Beginners Grammar I (JLPT N5) Memrise

Beginners Grammar II (JLPT N4) Memrise



Context is Everything in Japanese


Reading Practice for Beginners


Using NHK to Practice Japanese – Beginners to Advance


Manga Japanese for Beginners



A Simple Way to Start Speaking Japanese


Speak Japanese as a Beginner



Passing JLPT N5-N4 Listening

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