Welcome to J-Talk Online, my name is Niffer. The aim of this blog is to help people of all levels studying Japanese. Similar to Tae Tim’s Guide to Grammar, and the JLPT Boot Camp, I would like to help people by providing good study materials, resources and motivation to continue studying.

I would say I’d be a good person to turn to in terms of tips for studying because I have done a lot of self-study as well as studying at private schools and University in Japan (over 7 years in total). But I am very well aware of the fact that even I don’t know everything and I still have a long way to go. I’ve had a lot of bumps along the way, including months or years when I haven’t even touch Japanese! Or even just days when I’ve gone “*table flip* NOPE. Not doing anything today!” And then felt like a horrible person after for not studying. 
I am human as much as you all are (I think), and I make mistakes and have my own opinion about things. So if you have your own opinion, or approach or experiences you want to share then please feel free to comment. This will be (I hope) a place to discuss and engage and share.
J-Talk started when I began basic Japanese lessons with my anime society at University. I sadly graduated but the lessons kept going thanks to another graduate (who’s Japanese is even better than mine) who continued teaching. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to continue provided resources and tips to the society members so I started a facebook group. I then realised that I was repeating myself a lot as new people joined the group and people can’t search the back-log of facebook too well, so things I was putting up in the past was getting lost.
Hopefully this will be a blog that everyone can easily use to find what they need. I know there are a billion other blogs and websites where people do the exact same thing, but it’s partially therapeutic for me as I enjoy talking about what I know.
As I said I hope to put up things that everyone can use, from beginner, intermediate, to advanced, along with motivational articles that don’t have anything to do with Japanese but are useful for self study. I hope to update this twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
About J-Talk Online