A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast with the Anibros, two podcasters who talk about anime. So what else was I going to talk about on a show like that but studying anime Japanese?

Although it quickly delved into some really bad advice for studying Japanese……

You can listen to the podcast here “Episode 112 – Banned for Life”

Anibros Podcast Anime Japanese

The Anibros are Laven and Jack. They’re really nice guys who watch a lot of anime and make entertaining podcasts about shows they’re watching. They also go to a lot of conventions in the Pacific North West where they run Anime Jeopardy, which are really great fun.

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This is a short summary of what we discussed as well as resources that were mentioned.

You will learn faster if you combine studying Japanese with practicing it using anime.


Learn at Least Hiragana!

Learning hiragana helps pronouncing words and listening to new words. Learning it through vocabulary makes it more interesting too!

Learn Hiragana Using Vocabulary (Memrise)

Learn Katakana Using Vocabulary (Memrise)


Label Objects in Japanese

Label things around your house/office. (I.e table, shelf, desk, chair etc.)


Learn Informal Grammar

If you’re studying in a class you will probably learn formal Japanese. Formal Japanese is useful and does appear in anime, but you’re more likely to come across informal grammar.

Tae Kim’s Japanese Grammar Guide

Japanese the Manga Way

Anime Grammar for Beginners (Memrise)

Practicing Grammar:

  • Write sentences using grammar you’re learning
  • Use pictures of verbs to drill conjugations from memory

Anibros Podcast Anime Japanese


Anime is Great! Watch Slice of Life

Watching anime improves your listening!

Try not to over-think or directly translate sentences from English to Japanese. Anime is great because you can pick up phrases in certain contexts.

Watch slice of life and romance anime and avoid shows which have very field specific vocabulary.

Also avoid trying to learn strange accents or Japanese (at least as a beginner).

Good Anime to Watch (for studying Japanese)


Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles or Without Subtitles

Watching anime with subtitles is great for picking out words, but they won’t be a direct translation of the Japanese. If you know a show well try watching it without the subtitles.

Another great technique is to watch anime using Japanese subtitles. You can find them online as well as the following links:

Anibros Podcast Anime Japanese


Read the Manga (of an anime) in Japanese

Improves reading, vocabulary, grammar. Reading the manga and watching the anime at the same time to helps you learn and remember words and grammar even faster!


Learn Using Mnemonics

Remember words using mnemonics, or word association. For example, mice in Japan say “chuu” so think of a really cute train mouse saying “chuu”.

It’s best to create mnemonics that work best for you, that you will remember.


Make Mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You will learn a lot faster if you make mistakes. This is because they will stick in your brain a lot better as you’re actively remembering the mistake and the word/phrase associated with it.


Meet Japanese People Online/IRL

You can meet Japanese people online through italki and in your area through MeetUp. Talking to and messaging Japanese people is a great way to learn even fast.

You can also go to Japan for 1 week to 2 years just to study Japanese!
Studying Japanese in Japan

Passing JLPT N5 N4 Listening Anibros Podcast Anime Japanese


Other Useful Japanese to Learn

Shop Japanese is great to at least learn so you can recognize what’s being said. If you go to Japan you will want to be able to understand what the shop keeper/waiter is saying.

Understanding ばいと敬語 Shop Japanese

Restaurant Japanese – Essential Japanese for Visiting Japan

Watching anime around people working in continence stores or working in restaurants is a great way to practice these!

Some great anime for these include Working!, Ben-to and Hataraku Maou-sama!

To be able to communicate in Japanese you just need to know basic grammar and around 1000-1500 words!

You can actually learn the basics for something (like Japanese) in 20 hours!
Videos About Learning Languages


Bonus! If You Go To Japan!

If you get stuck and can’t find someone who speaks English either write down what you want to say, or speak with a “katakana” accent. Japanese people learn English but never how to speak it so they may understand you better if you write it down.

Speak Japanese as a Beginner


Other Useful Links about Anime Japanese


Anibros Podcast – Anime Japanese