Studying Anime Japanese – Basic Techniques

Basic techniques you can use when studying Anime Japanese, including tips for watching and suggestions and resources for further study.




Studying Anime Japanese – Intermediate Techniques

More techniques you can use to improve your Japanese and understanding anime. Studying Anime Japanese – Intermediate Techniques




Using Anime in Japanese Studies

Can anime really be a great tool for studying Japanese? How do you use anime in Japanese studies? The why and how explained by GaikokuJenny!



Is This Anime Good for Japanese?


Winter 2018 Anime – Good Anime for Studying Japanese

A look at the first episodes for a lot of anime for Winter 2018. All have various levels of difficulty and different challenges that could be great for Japanese practice.




Anime Talk (Japanese Lessons)

[Memrise] Anime Japanese for Beginners

[Memrise] Anime Grammar for Beginners


Anime Talk – Vocabulary Found in Anime

A list of vocabulary found in anime based on different genres including slice of life, sports, and fantasy anime.




Anime Japanese – This, There, Where?

Using anime to learn the different forms of this, there, where in Japanese. Goes through the different forms with anime as an example.




Anime Japanese – I & You

Learning the different proverbs the masculine and feminine uses of I, you and they found in anime Japanese.




Anime Japanese – Verbs

A breakdown of verbs and learning anime Japanese Verbs including verb groups, and resources for learning verbs and grammar.




Anime & Manga Japanese Greetings

The breakdown of Japanese greetings commonly found in Anime and Manga. Including an etymology of aisatsu, greetings that are used everyday!




anime japaneseAnime Japanese – Good Anime to Watch

Suggestions for anime to watch to help you practice Japanese, part of the Anime Japanese series, slice of life and school based anime.



anime japaneseAnibros Podcast – Anime Japanese

Recorded a show with Anibros Podcast Anime Japanese about studying Japanese and using anime to learn Japanese language and culture.



anime japaneseUsing Japanese Popular Media in Self Study

Using Japanese popular media such as anime, manga, light novels and Japanese games to teach yourself and practice Japanese.