A quick announcement from Japanese Talk Online!

I am currently in the process of moving to London to do an MA in translation studies! I will be continuing the blog but I’ve accidentally timed my move at the most awkward time as I also have a reunion in Japan right before term starts. So I’m moving to London Tuesday 9th, flying to Japan on Thursday 11th, flying back Saturday 27th and starting Univeristy Monday 29th.

Japan Hacks!

I did think of putting J-Talk on hold during this time, however I’ve decided to instead to a series of specials called Japan Hack. These will cover the culture of Japan, things to do when visiting Japan for two weeks and some basic useful phrases for people just visiting Japan for a short visit (which means romaji phrases)! So these specials will be over the next two weeks as often as I can while in Japan.

I will also be updating my other blog Niffer in Japan-Land with more day-to-day adventures of my own rather than Japanese lessons, if you’re also interested in those.

Some other smaller announcements! I am currently working on the Beginners Japanese Grammar 2 (JLPT N4) course for Memrise. The Beginners Japanese Grammar 1 course has done really well and the second should be complete in October. I will also be following this up with more posts on beginners grammar.

Announcement – Introduction of Japan Hacks