Start Learning Japanese

Always wanted to start learning Japanese but keep putting it off? Well, why not start now? Right now! Oh… you don’t know where to start? This is a quick guide to how to start studying Japanese for beginners.



Beginner Japanese Minimum The Minimum Japanese You Need To Know

What is the minimum Japanese you need to know to get by? Whether living in Japan or just wanting to be able to read manga. What exactly so you need to know?


Memrise For Beginners

Memrise is a free spaced repetition flashcard program. These are courses by

Learn Hiragana Using Vocabulary Memrise

Learn Katakana Using Vocabulary Memrise


Articles with Romaji



Beginner Japanese Memrise14 Weeks: 1500 Japanese Words, 280 Kani, 100 Grammar

Are you a beginner who wants to learn Japanese but needs structured lessons to learn? This is an intensive week-by-week guide to combine the Memrise courses together to learn the basics in just 3 months!

This is a very intensive program, but you can adjust it to fit your schedule.


Nihongo Tango Speed Master

I love these books! Review of 日本語単語スピードマスター (Nihongo Tango Speed Master) series of Japanese vocabulary books. Perfect for all JLPT levels!

The first book covers 1800 vocabulary, which is a great for beginners!


Beginner Japanese CountersJapanese Counters

Different Japanese counters and things to look out for. Plus flash card course on Memrise to help you learn them. (Memrise Japanese Counters – vocab and kanji)


Other Useful Articles About Vocabulary

Grouping Topics for Easy Learning – Teaching Yourself Beginners Japanese

Anime Japanese – Adjectives are Everywhere

Anime Japanese – I & You

Family in Japanese 家族(かぞく)

How to Talk About Hobbies in Japanese

Nyaa and Other Japanese Animal Sounds

Anime Talk – Vocabulary Found in Anime


Memrise Vocabulary For Beginners

Memrise is a free spaced repetition flashcard program. These are courses by

Beginners Vocabulary & Kanji (JLPT N5) (800 vocab, 100 kanji)

Beginners Vocabulary II (JLPT N4) (700 vocab)



Beginner Japanese Basic Kanji

I’m Afraid of Kanji

I find a lot of people are scared of Japanese because they think they need to learn SO much kanji! But that’s really NOT the case! You can understand a lot from just a few basic kanji. Here are some resources to get you started.



Beginner Japanese KanjiLearning Kanji – From Beginners to Advanced

Studying and learning Kanji advice for beginners to advance learners. Including how many kanji you need to know. Plus study tips, and resources for all levels such as kanji books and apps.



Beginner Japanese Poem RadiclesLearning Japanese Radicals

A look at the radicals that make up Japanese kanji. What they are, why you should learn them, and how to study them.



Beginner Japanese Draw KanjiHow to Draw Kanji

Why you should learn how to draw kanji. But also resources for learning kanji and study tips for remembering kanji long-term!


Memrise Kanji For Beginners

Memrise is a free spaced repetition flashcard program. These are courses by

Beginners Vocabulary & Kanji (JLPT N5) (800 vocab, 100 kanji)

Beginners Kanji II (JLPT N4)



Beginner Japanese Simple SentenceHow to Make Simple Japanese Sentences

Tips and tricks for forming Japanese sentences for beginners. This touches on how the basic sentence structure works. As well as how verbs, adjectives and nouns work with particles.


Beginner Japanese Masu verbsVerb Groups – Beginners Japanese Grammar

The three verb groups in Japanese and how they work differently. This is particularly important for conjugating sentences into different tenses, etc.


An Introduction to Japanese Verbs – “masu” Form

“Masu” form of verbs are polite forms. You will most likely learn these first in textbooks. Probably because they’re very easy to conjugate into different tenses.


Beginner Japanese Grammar Basics Horo RingoThe Basics of Grammar

A look at verbs, sentence structure and particles. A more detailed and wordy discussion on how Japanese grammar works and what you need to study.


The Best Way to Learn Japanese Particles

Using Memrise to learn Japanese particles through short sentences. This is so you learn the particles in context, not just through


Beginner Japanese ParticlesLearning Japanese Particles

A look at different resources for studying particles.


Other Useful Articles About Grammar

Anime Japanese – This, There, Where?

Giving and Receiving in Japanese


Memrise Grammar For Beginners

Grammar I (JLPT N5)

Grammar II (JLPT N4)

Japanese Particles

Japanese Particles II



Beginner Japanese Reading

Reading for Beginners

Japanese Reading Practice for Beginners including some tips and tricks. As well as some resources for practicing Japanese reading.



Beginner Japanese ReadingBeginner Japanese Reading

MORE suggestions for reading resources for beginners to practice their reading.

It can be hard to find beginners Japanese reading practice sometimes. Here are some suggestions for N5/N4 levels for practicing your reading!



Improve Japanese Reading Challenge Beginner JapaneseImprove Japanese Reading [2 Week Challenge]

Improve Japanese Reading with this 2 week challenge! List of 5 tasks to do everyday for 2 weeks that will improve Japanese reading along with links to resources to get reading that’s right for you.



Beginner Japanese GudetamaContext is Everything in Japanese

Same words, different meanings? Same kanji, different sounds? No subject? How do you know what’s what? Context is everything in Japanese.



Beginner Japanese NHKUsing NHK to Practice Japanese – Beginners to Advance

Using NHK to Practice Japanese for beginners to advanced. Including NHK podcasts, news articles and NHK lessons for beginners.



Beginner Japanese MangaManga Japanese for Beginners

Manga Japanese for beginners, what to expect when reading manga in Japanese, what to study and manga to practice with.




Beginner Japanese Kiki Delivery ServiceA Simple Way to Start Speaking Japanese

A simple way to start speaking Japanese using 3 easy steps; speak Japanese, listen to Japanese, and speak Japanese. Perseverance and practice will have you fluent in no time!



Speak Japanese as a BeginnerBeginner Japanese Speaking

MORE tips for how to Speak Japanese as a Beginner. Speaking is a challenge at first, but a fun challenge! It really is the best way to learn Japanese.



Speak Fluently in 1 Year Challenge

A VERY intensive program where you will teach yourself basic vocabulary and grammar in combination with practicing Japanese speaking to speak fluently in 1 year.

Speak Fluently Part 1

Speak Fluently Part 2



Passing JLPT N5-N4 ListeningBeginner Japanese Listening youtube

Have no idea how to pass the JLPT listening? Here’s some advice and resources you can use to boost listening! Passing JLPT N5 N4 Listening