Explanation for Being Away


Apologies to everyone, this has been the longest I haven’t done anything with Japanese Talk Online and I wanted to explain why I’ve been afk for so long.

Basically I did an MA in Translation last year, which was so-so. But after I’d finished my exams I decided to try the JLPT N1. I studied intensively everyday for about 2 months and after the exam was over my brain just went on shut down. I didn’t want to touch Japanese and haven’t since the beginning of July. Which, I know is very bad and hypocritical of me.

Because of that motivation for J-Talk also took a dip (as may have noticed from the sporadic updates rather than one every week). Last month I also took a 2 week holiday in Japan followed by getting married so everything apart from Japan and wedding preparation took a back seat. And because I haven’t done anything I haven’t had the motivation to work on it or anything else to do with J-Talk like Memrise.

I am really sorry that my lack of motivation recently has made this website a bit naff. I am also moving to the US at some point soon (when I get my visa) so I don’t know how that will impact J-Talk either.

I do want to write posts again but all the ones I think of involve a lot of research and there’s a lot going on in my head.

I hope to start working on posts again soon and get back into the weekly schedule. If you have any ideas, or requests, or anything, please let me know. It helps to know that this website is helping people and that I can do something to make studying Japanese a bit more fun and interesting. So please let me know on the facebook page.


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