Vocabulary / Kanji

Study Kanji Kentei, Learn Kanji, Profit


Learning Kanji – From Beginners to Advanced


Japanese Signs – Essential Japanese for Visiting Japan


Cooking Japanese I – Customs and Vocabulary


Cooking Japanese II – Practice With Recipes


Japanese Flashcards: Dealing With Backlogs




Understanding Formalities in Complex Japanese Sentences


Studying Japanese Grammar When You Hate Grammar


The Best Way to Study Grammar for the JLPT



Using YouTube to Learn Japanese


Best Japanese YouTube Channels




Reading Japanese Texts in an Innovative Way


Reading Novels – Breaking into Japanese Literature Review


Advanced Japanese Reading Practice 1


Advanced Reading Japanese Practice 2


Advanced Japanese Reading Practice 3


Keigo & Business

Learning Business Japanese as a Beginner II


Telephone Calls in Japanese


Emails and Letters in Japanese


Business Japanese – Keigo I – Sonkeigo


Business Japanese – Keigo II – Kenjougo


Keigo III – Rules for Using Keigo


Keigo IV – Word Beautification


Understanding ばいと敬語 Shop Japanese


Japanese News

How to Read Japanese Newspapers


Japanese Weather Reports


Using NHK to Practice Japanese – Beginners to Advance


Other Intermediate / Advanced Lessons

Top 10 Resources for Advanced Japanese


Japanese Idioms & Proverbs


Japanese Jokes for English Speakers

Japanese Jokes for English Speakers

Learn Kansai-ben With Cats ①