“I find it hard to sit down and practice reading when I don’t know half the words…”

Advanced Japanese Reading Practice

To help improve people’s vocabulary, kanji recognition and general reading comprehension J-Talk Online is releasing new posts that help you practice advanced Japanese readings, whether this if for JLPT N2, N1 or just for fun.

Every couple of weeks 1-3 articles will be released on the blog (weekly on memrise) with vocabulary lists. These articles will vary in length and will be accompanied by a vocabulary list. People are free to use them as they are on the blog, for their own flashcard programs, or use the Memrise course which will have the vocab lists followed by the articles.

Articles will cover a varying array of topics from a number of sources, which are listed below. Sources have been linked so you can explore them yourself to practice reading more.

Topics Covered:
World News
Japanese News
Japanese Culture
Science (maybe?)
Short Fiction (maybe?)

If you have any requests for particular topics or genre of text you’re particularly interested in (can include the above or others), please let me know on the JTalkOnline Facebook page. Also, if you have any suggestions for other resources I could use for this course please let me know!

Tips for Improving Reading Comprehension

Tip 1: When studying the vocabulary read it out-loud – Even if you’re just moving your lips (because you’re in public, for example) reading the vocabulary and what it means out-loud will help cement the readings and meaning in your memory.

Tip 2: When reading the articles read out-loud – Your brain will have to work harder to sound out every word. This is important because when you read in your head you’re more likely to skip over words and readings, which won’t help your comprehension.

Tip 3: Time yourself when you read an article – Make a note of how long it takes you to read and try an improve on that time. This is not only good practice for vocabulary but also for your comprehension and reading speed.

Memrise Advanced Japanese Reading Practice Screenshot

Memrise Advanced Japanese Reading Practice Screenshot


Introducing Advanced Japanese Reading Practice