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8 Proven Methods to Amplify Your Japanese Speaking Skills – “There are far too many people who have passed the JLPT N1 and yet can’t carry on a simple conversation with a native Japanese speaker. This is pathetic. Don’t be this person! Use the resources found on this page to amplify your Japanese speaking skills.”

Reading Resources for Japanese Beginners: Part 1 – Three suggestions for beginners Japanese learners for JLPT N5 and N4.

A New Year’s Celebration in Your Pocket – New Year cultural references and terms in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.


General Language Study Advice

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10 Things I Learnt About Language Learning in 2017 – A great discussion about language learning. From prioritization, planning and learning at your own pace. It’s important to learn in a way that suits YOU best, not other people.

5 smart ways to learn a language by watching TV and films – Why you should use TV and movies to help you learn a language. As well as tips and tricks and for how to learn using TV and films.

Learning Through Story Listening – “The positive effects of Story Listening as a method for language acquisition have been confirmed repeatedly. First and second language acquirers who hear more stories acquire more vocabulary, have better grammatical competence, and are better on tests of listening comprehension.”

What 80% Comprehension Feels Like – “One of the major principles of extensive reading is that if a learner can comprehend material at 98% comprehension, she will acquire new words in context, in a painlessenjoyable way. But what is 98% comprehension?”

Kelly McGonigal on why it’s so dang hard to stick to a resolution – Not language specific but a TED Talk article about procrastination.


Translation & Localization

What Makes a Good Japanese Translator? – Interview with Alexander O.Smith, who worked on Vagrant Stories, Pheonix Wright and other video games. Tips for other translators and those interested in the translation industry.

All The Video Game Localizations – Translation Link Roundup [January 2018] – Niffer’s link roundup of articles specifically for translators.

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