You may not know this but Japanese Talk Online is a website I run in my spare time. It was always a hobby to share my knowledge and experience of learning Japanese. This was doable when I was in University but not so much anymore.

I am now a freelance Japanese – English translator and am trying to continue my own Japanese studies. I tried to take a step back before but found that I still spent a lot of time on Japanese Talk.

I recently started tracking how much time I spend on Japanese Talk stuff and it’s about 10 hours a week. This is a large portion of time that I feel like I need to focus on my own translation business and Japanese skills.


I don’t think this is the end of Japanese Talk. I still love writing about language learning and learning Japanese. My plan now is to keep writing about improving Japanese (at an advanced level) and translation on my translation website J-EN Translations.

I am also looking to write about learning Japanese for other websites and hopefully get paid to write about it professionally. These articles will be higher quality with more concrete research and more scrutinized editing. (Rather than my own ramblings with grammatical errors scattered throughout…)

I would also like to write on Japanese Talk Online once a month or possibly randomly (depending on how busy I get).


When I read Japanese and write English all day my brain turns to mush. This has meant that lately it’s been very hard to write articles consistently. I am have been (and still am) burning myself out.


Articles will resume from April 6th for Patron and April 9th for the website.