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Japanese Talk Online Patreon

I have been studying Japanese for over 10 years and began Japanese Talk in 2009 as Japanese lessons for the anime society at my university. Japanese Talk turned into Japanese Talk Online on Facebook after I graduated in 2011 and wanted to keep sharing Japanese resources and advice to society members. It then turned into Jtalkonline.com in 2013 work as a freelance Japanese to English translator.

I then began the JTalkOnline Memrise course. I started with hiragana and katakana because I felt there was no adequate course online which helped people learn the alphabets through vocabulary. This then moved onto vocabulary and grammar courses.

This entire time I’ve been running Japanese Talk Online by myself. Posting articles, creating the Memrise courses, helping people through Facebook and Google+. I’ve been able to keep it up this time because of studies but now I’m a freelance translator and there have been times over the last 8 months when Japanese Talk Online’s taken the back seat.

I LOVE helping people study Japanese, but it’s gotten to a point where work and Japanese Talk Online has begun to clash, and work (to pay for food, bills, etc) has taken priority. I don’t want to stop helping people, which is why I began this Patreon.

What I’m Offering

I will always, always try to write weekly posts for the website. What has taken a back seat are the Memrise courses. I’ve had plans for a number of Memrise courses for a really, really long time but with other priorities they’ve taken a back seat. I want to focus on them again.

If I hit some low monthly targets I’ll create the following courses:

  1. Intermediate Grammar N3 (I’ve started this, but it’ll take about a week+ to finish) [$15]
  2. Beginners Keigo (similar to the grammar courses but focusing on the use of keigo) [$25]
  3. 4 Kanji Idioms [$35]
  4. Japanese Particles (similar to the grammar courses but focusing on the use of particles) [$45]

I’m happy to hear of any other suggestions for courses!

Supporting me also means I won’t have to start putting adverts on the website. I hate adverts. I tried them once before, but really, really don’t like them. I would rather small support from than having to resort to ads.

What I’m Asking For

I have 3 pledge levels:

  1. $2 a month – A small monthly support, less than a coffee, would help me greatly and mean no adds!
  2. $3 a month – [Limited to 4 people] You can suggest article topics getting 1 article on a subject you’re interested in per month.
  3. $10 a month – [Limited to 5 people] You will get one-on-one help at anytime! Message me on facebook with questions and I’ll be happy to help through skype.


So that’s it really ^-^ 一緒に日本語を勉強しましょう!よろしくお願いします!

Japanese Talk Online Patreon
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