My partner and I recently went to Japan for a short trip. We decided to start off the Japanese Talk Online Podcast talking about the Japanese you need to know in Japan. The English you find in Japan is very different from when we first visited Japan 8-10 years ago!

Japanese Talk Online Podcast


What’s In This Podcast?

00:26 – We went to Japan! (Introductions)
1:15 – Do you need to know Japanese to visit Japan?
6:30 – Going to Japan to practice your Japanese and deciphering Japanese from context.
16:00 – Going out of your comfort zone & forcing yourself to speak Japanese (discussing home-stay).
21:25 – Prepping key phrases for Japan.
29:40 – Wrap up!


Resources Mentioned:

italki – Site to find speaking partners and teachers. You can practice with them online and then possibly meeting them in real life in Japan.

Lang-8 – Site for practicing written Japanese and natives will correct them. You can also make friends with people here.


Key Phrases Discussed

___ にいきたいですが。。。 – I’d like to go to ____ but…

つまらないものですが。。。 – it’s not much but…

あまいことばに – I will humbly accept this

どうも – Thanks

ありがとうございます – Thank you very much (avoid using ありがとう)


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