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It’s done! I am thrilled to announce the J-Talk Online JLPT N5 course for beginners is finished! (I spent the last 2 days putting together so very happy I have it in working order.) In the last few weeks I made some posts about JLPT N5 I mentioned how memrise has courses for JLPT N5 and N4, but the courses has a lot of advanced kanji and were pretty random. Which is GREAT if you’re a higher level wanting to take JLPT N3 or if you want to over learn not necessarily for the exams), but that’s not so great for beginners.

So using advice I’ve given in the past on this blog I constructed by own course. Each lesson has 10-25 vocabulary which you do every day for 6 days, and the 7th day is meant to be a revision day for the week. This goes on for just under 8 weeks (although it might take some people longer to go through everything, especially if days are missed). Not only are they split into set days but each day covers a different topic. Grouping them together to make it easier to learn.

I am still working on the kanji but the idea is that in the 2nd week learners start covering basic kanji and kanji based vocabulary. This should be complete by next Saturday. But the main part of the course is complete enough for people to start working through it. Fingers crossed people will start to use it and will enjoy studying with it! 😀

Update (22/3/14): This course is now COMPLETE with roughly all the 800 vocabulary and 103 kanji needed for N5 😀

NEW ~ JLPT N5 Memrise Course
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