It’s been an interesting year! We’ve have so many more people use Japanese Talk Online articles and Memrise. I also started the Patreon and it’s been going great (so glad I didn’t have to resort to ads)!

The best part’s been the fantastic people I’ve been helping through Facebook! The ones that come back again and again who are thirsty for Japanese knowledge. Seeing their growth over the year has really meant a lot to me!

So thank you all those who have found Japanese Talk Online helpful in improving your Japanese!


Now I’ve been wondering for a while where I want to take Japanese Talk Next and now I have a plan. I have some important announcements for 2018!

Japanese Talk Online 2018


Changes to the Japanese Talk Online Website

  • Set release days for articles – Friday for Patreon, Monday for Website.
  • More focus on media for learning Japanese.
  • More reading practice with news, articles, blogs, fiction.

First I want to have a set schedule to release articles. I’m aiming to release articles for Patreon supporters on Fridays and then on the website on Mondays.

I’m also changing the focus of Japanese Talk Online more to using media in Japanese studies. So fewer articles on general Japanese topics (like hobbies or the JLPT) and more on media. Such as some reviews on specific media (websites, blogs, news, etc) that people can use to improve their Japanese.

This also means more reading practice for ALL levels using manga, news, articles, blogs, etc. With these I’ll post articles or short paragraphs and provide grammar explanations and vocabulary lists.

Oh it also means a podcast twice a month!


Japanese Talk Online PODCAST!!!

  • Bi-weekely Release on Wednesdays – Website and Patreon
  • Using media to learn Japanese.
  • Random words/phrases picked up in Japanese media.
  • Reviews of manga/anime/novels for learning Japanese. [Text version Patreon ONLY]

Japanese Talk Online 2018Yep! I’m starting a podcast for Japanese Talk Online! The plan is it will be a bi-weekly pod releasing on every other Wednesday starting January 2018. These will also focus on using media to study Japanese, but will also consist of interviews and discussions with other people studying Japanese at various levels.

They will also include random words or phrases I’ve learnt while consuming Japanese media. Like the most recent slang I’ve fallen in love with, はずかしぬ! = so embarrassed I could die! Which I picked up from Net-juu Susume.

There will also be special reviews discussing specific manga/anime/novels and how they’re good for studying Japanese with. I will also be writing these reviews up BUT they will only be available for Patreon supporters. So anyone can listen to the podcasts, but the text version with extra links to resources will only be available to Patrons.



Japanese Talk Online Patreon

With the introduction of the podcast I’m going to be changing some of the rewards for each tier!

  • Japanese Talk Online Discord for Patreon supporters. [$1+]
  • Regular monthly votes on 1st month for article topics and podcast reviews. [$1+]
  • Reviews of manga/anime/novels for learning Japanese. [Text version Patreon ONLY $2+]
  • Un-edited Japanese Talk Online podcasts. [$3+]
  • Podcast bloopers. [$3+]
  • Articles and podcasts on subjects that you’re interested in! [$3+]
  • New Goals! (TBD)

The introduction of the Japanese Talk Online Discord for Patreons means people who use the site can talk to each other! The idea is that people will support each other, make friends (maybe?), share media, have a laugh (I hope!).

The other reward tiers are pretty self-explanatory.


Japanese Talk Online Memrise

  • Japanese Talk Online 2018Particles 2 – will be uploaded by the end of 2017
  • Audio to Grammar 1 and 2 – will be uploaded by the end of 2017
  • Intermediate Grammar 2 (JLPT N3) – in 2018

I’m still working on the Japanese Talk Online Memrise. Updates are still slow but I’m still trying to keep on top of them at least once a month.

With all the Patreon support I’ve reached my goals to get Particles 2 finished and add the audio to Grammar 1 and 2. I AM working on these and should have both finished by the end of December 2017.

Support has also reached the goal for Intermediate Grammar 2! Which is the second half of the JLPT N3 grammar. I have the grammar points mapped out, I just need to type out example grammar and explanations for grammar points. This takes a VERY long time so I appreciate everyone’s patience.



I really am so grateful to everyone who uses Japanese Talk Online. Whether it was a one off article or you come back to read them every week. Or even those who don’t know I have a website and only use the Memrise courses! I’m just glad this has been useful to you.

Japanese Talk Online will end one day, but for now it’s still going, and I’m excited about where it’s going next in the new year!


[NEWS] Japanese Talk Online 2018