女だから、とパーティを追放されたので 伝説の魔女と最強タッグを組みました (Sexiled: My Sexist Party Leader Kicked Me Out, So I Teamed Up With a Mythical Sorceress!) by 蛙田あめこ (Kaeruda Ameko)

(Sexiled: My Sexist Party Leader Kicked Me Out,
So I Teamed Up With a Mythical Sorceress!)
by 蛙田あめこ (Kaeruda Ameko)


Genre: fantasy, light novel, feminist
Great for: Intermediate and above (JLPT N2+) (OR N3 learners who really, really love fantasy novels.)
Length: 270 pages
Amazon Japan: 女だから、とパーティを追放されたので伝説の魔女と最強タッグを組みました

Synopsis (from Amazon Japan and Amazon US):


Tanya Artemiciov is a talented Mage-class adventurer who just got kicked out of her party by a sexist scumbag. So what’s a girl to do? Go to the wasteland and blow stuff up of course! One small problem though: she inadvertently frees a mythical Sorceress named Laplace who was sealed away for the past 300 years…


Why You Should Read 女だから (Sexiled)

If you love fantasy and powerful women (with a sprinkle of yuri) then you’ll love 女だから.

This novel was inspired (in a way) by the 2018 controversy where a number of universities, including the Tokyo Medical University, had tweaked exam entrees so fewer women were admitted to the schools. This was based on the sexist belief that women would leave their professions to get married and have children.

As a result this novel takes this attitude of men failing up and talented women being treated like crap to a whole new fantastical level. A great novel for those who would like a change from the regular fantasy and isekai stories.


Why Japanese Learners Should Read 女だから

In a way 女だから is both an easy to read Japanese novel, but also a difficult one.

The chapters are engaging and short, and the grammar is probably around N3/N2 level with a lot of repeating phrases. Which, actually makes it perfect for lower lever readers who want to branch in more fantasy writings!

However, as a fantasy novel the vocabulary uses is surprisingly difficult. You probably won’t use terms like 意気揚々 (いきようよう) “triumphant” and 敏捷 (びんしょう) “nimble”, but you will highly likely see them again in other fantasy and sci-fi novels. I made a note of almost 100 new vocabulary and kanji (which are listed below).

As a bonus, you can buy the official English translation by Molly Lee on J-Novel Club! This is particularly great if you’re interested in translation because you can read the Japanese and the English. OR if you’re struggling with the Japanese you can read the English version, then re-read the novel in Japanese–Understanding the context as you read the Japanese can help you a lot!



A great novel for lower level readers who love fantasy! Great for a lot of vocabulary you will likely see in fantasy and sci-fi novels, but not great if you want to learn more everyday Japanese. With an official translation available if you want to compare your reading comprehension with the English.


Useful Vocabulary
Kanji Kana English
轟音 ごうおん thunderous roar
閃光 せんこう flash, glint
太古 たいこ ancient times
浮遊 ふゆう (to) float
空中浮遊 くちゅうふゆう levitation
岩山 いわやま rocky mountain
はためく to flutter
すそ cuff, hem
跡形 あとかた trace, evidence
跡形もなく あとかたもなく without a trace
詠唱 えいしょう chant, aria
鉄槌 てっつい hammer
一大鉄槌 いちだいてっつい (to) deal a hard blow
ごみ・ちり trash / dust, dirt
黄昏 たそがれ twilight, dusk
沼地 ぬまち marshland
荒野 あれの wasteland, wilderness
栄華 えいが glory, splendor
民草 たみぐさ people, populace
余裕綽々 よゆうしゃくしゃく calm and composed
粛々 しゅくしゅく silent
釈然 しゃくぜん with sudden awakening
釈然として しゃくぜんとして with sudden illumination
意気揚々 いきようよう triumphant
討伐 とうばつ (to) suppress, subjugate
葡萄酒 ぶどうしゅ wine
希少 きしょう scare, rare
鑑定 かんてい (to) judge
蓄える たくわえる to store
しょんぼり (to) be downhearted
露出 ろしゅつ (to) expose
豪奢 ごうしゃ luxury
外套 がいとう overcoat, cloak
刺繡 ししゅう embroidery
渾身 こんしん with all one’s might
拭く ふく to wipe
拭う ぬぐう to wipe
狼狽える うろたえる to be flustered
けたけた cackle, laugh foolishly
号外 ごうがい newspaper extra
騒然 そうぜん noisy
免れる まぬがれる to escape from
先が思いやられる さきがおもいやられる (I can tell) it’s going to be hard going
拷問 ごうもん torture
紫吹 しぶき splash
屠る ほふる to slaughter
遥か はるか far away
俊敏 しゅんびん quick-witted
蠢く うごめく to wriggle
手加減 てかげん go easy on someone
油を売る あぶらをうる to loaf
贔屓 ひいき (to) favor
震撼 しんかん (to) shake
感嘆 かんたん admiration
敏捷 びんしょう nimble
迸る ほとばしる to surge, well up
自己満悦 じこまんえつ self-congratulations
満悦 まんえつ great delight
売れ残り うれのこり leftovers, unsold items
艶やか あでやか glossy
慟哭 どうこく (to) wail, lament
木っ端微塵 こっぱみじん broken into small fragments
白亜 はくあ chalk; white wall
擦り傷 こずりきず scratch, graze
蹴っ飛ばす けっとばす to kick hard
残念無念 ざんねんむねん deep regret
非番 ひばん off duty
鍛錬 たんれん (to) temper, forge, train
お河童 おかっぱ bobbed hair
年端も行かない としはもいかない very young
改竄 かいざん (to) alter, falsify
公文 こうぶん official documents
吠え面 ほえづら tearful face
媚びる こびる to flatter
手練れ てだれ skill, dexterity
墓穴 ぼけつ grave
咆哮 ほうこう yell, roar
逃げ惑う にげまどう to run about trying to escape
尻餅を着く しりもちをつく to fall on one’s backside
炸裂 さくれつ explosion
賢い かしこい clever, smart
無双 むそう unparalleled
むち whip
凶器 きょうき dangerous weapon
喝采 かっさい applause, clapping
拍手喝采 はくしゅかっさい clapping and cheering
野暮ったい やぼったい unfashionable, uncouth
贖う あがなう to compensate, make up for
孕む はらむ to conceive (pregnant)
打ち噛ます ぶちかます to punch hard, strike the face (sumo)
奥の手 おくのて trump card, secret skill, upper hand
揉み手 もみで rubbing one’s hands together


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