Ever wanted to visit, study or work in Japan? These articles look at various aspects of life in Japan. Including cultural differences between Japan and the West and language advice for all levels.

Study in Japan
Work in Japan
Visit Japan
Japan Hacks


Study in Japan

The Benefits of Studying in Japan

A lot of people never consider studying Japanese in Japan but there are so many benefits of studying in Japan!



Studying Japanese in JapanStudying Japanese in Japan

Helping you choose the best school for studying Japanese in Japan based on your goals, funds and spare time.



Short-term Study Abroad JapanAdvice on Short-term Study Abroad in Japan

Some advice on what to do when you want to do a short-term study abroad Japan to make your experience even more amazing.



Review of NILS Language School Fukuoka

A review of NILS Language school Fukuoka which has Japanese classes from beginner to advance, from 1 week to 2 years! Study in Japan.




Work in Japan

Essential Japanese for Expats

[J-En Translations Article]

Just got a job in Japan but don’t know much of the language? Essential Japanese for expats tips will get you speaking fluent in 3-6 months!


How to Become a Japanese Translator

A look at how to become a Japanese translator including tips on building your long term career goals. How to get translation experience.



JET Teaching in Japan

Advice from current JET teachers on JET teaching in Japan, including their own experiences and advice for people wanting to teach in Japan.



Chronic Illness and Disability on the JET Program

An interview with an ALT talking about Chronic Illness and Disability on the JET Program teaching in Japan when you have a chronic illness.


Visit Japan

10 Mistakes People Make Planning a Trip to Japan

[J-EN Translations Article]

Are you planning​ a trip to Japan but not sure what to do? Well here are 10 things you should keep in mind and avoid doing yourself.


Going to Japan for the First Time Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks when going to Japan for the first time, including how to use Japanese restaurants, trains and buses. Phrases and resources.



A Cheap Way to Visit Japan – WWOOF

Cheap way to visit Japan with WWOOF – volunteering in Japan in exchange for food and lodging. All you need is to pay for your ticket and other expenses. It’s a great way to learn in Japan from Japan natives!



Essential Japanese for Visiting Japan

Essential Japanese for visiting Japan for different situations such as restaurants, asking for help and visiting people. Japanese vocabulary and phrases.



Understanding ばいと敬語 Shop Japanese

Understanding and replying to shop Japanese, a special form of keigo (polite Japanese) that’s used specifically in shops.



Restaurants in Japan

Different types of restaurants in Japan as well as what to expect when going to restaurants. Including how to order and pay.



Restaurant Japanese – Essential Japanese for Visiting Japan

How to speak restaurant Japanese. Japanese Phrases and vocabulary needed to read menus and order from various restaurants in Japan.



Being Sick in Japan

Differences between being sick in Japan and being sick in the West, including some useful words and phrases in Japanese.




Japan Hacks
(Tips, Tricks and Language For Visiting Japan)

Japan Hacks – What to do if you’re sick in Japan

What to do if you’re sick in Japan including where to go and some useful phrases in English, romaji and Japanese.



Japan Hacks – Snacking in Japan

A guide on snacking in Japan, where to go to get food for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a budget. Bonus tips of good drinks and food to snack on while you’re walking around Japan.



Japan Hacks – Japanese Signs

Japanese signs to expect when visiting Japan and how to read them – a break down of vocabulary and explanation of kanji.



Japan Hacks – Asking for Directions in Japanese

Asking For Directions in Japanese when visiting Japan. Everything in romaji for beginners with example videos and links to flashcard course.



Japan Hacks – Preparing for Japan

A very short article on preparing For Japan, planning your trip, keeping costs down and essential things to take.



Japan Hacks – Dealing with Long Flights and Jet-lag

Dealing with Long Flights and Jet-lag when travelling to Japan, or any other country. What is jet-lag? How can you stave it off? What can you do on your flight?



Japan Hacks – History Nerds in Japan

Places to visit in Japan, specially Tokyo and Kyoto, if you’re a huge history nerd. History nerds in Japan will not want to miss these locations!