Just a simple announcement that Anime Japanese for Beginners and Anime Grammar for Beginners on Memrise have been updated!

Anime Japanese Vocabulary

Anime Japanese for Beginners

One of the very first Memrise courses I made was Anime Japanese for Beginners. It was a simple short course that had some of the most common vocabulary found in anime. So it was in need of an update.

I had originally made each level to focus on a different type of anime, although the vocabulary overlapped a fair amount. Here are the levels and what was changed to them:

  • General Anime
  • School/Slice of Life
  • Sports/Fighting [New Vocab]
  • Fantasy/Adventure [New Vocab]
  • Mech/Battle [New Vocab]
  • More General Anime [NEW LEVEL]

I have also added better quality audio to EVERY item in the course. This should help beginners with listening practice and pronunciation.

I have had a few people asking me to add kanji levels to this course. I had previously added kanji just as reference, although I am considering adding kanji to kana levels, or maybe a new course. But then again this course is for beginners and focuses on anime, so kanji isn’t as useful for those that only want to learn the vocabulary for anime.

As you can see, I’m still a little stuck with kanji, but I hope the other JTalkOnline courses will be good supplements.


Anime Japanese Vocabulary

Anime Grammar for Beginners

Anime grammar is fairly informal and irregular grammar that most people don’t learn until JLPT N3. This course as aimed at helping beginners learn and practice more informal grammar.

A few new levels were added for particularly casual terms. But the biggest change is that quality audio has been added for EVERY item.

I hope this makes it easier to use and that anime fans will find it more helpful.

If you’d like more grammar in a particular level, or in the overall course, please let me know.



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